Options outsourcing

Who we are?

Options Outsourcing is a virtual staffing firm that specializes in Customer Success, Sales, and Live Transfers. Our experience in these fields has allowed us to help companies drive costs down drastically while improving performance.

Our approach is to get a full understanding of what our clients need and then look for solutions based on our knowledge and experience with internal campaigns. We want to succeed together.



1) Have an open discussion about the positions that need to be filled, including the requirements and skills.
2) We screen applicants based on the required skill sets and run them through special tests to ensure their quality and capability.
3) We present 2-4 of the top candidates for each position for our clients to interview.
4)After a new client has chosen an applicant, we assist with their onboarding and anything else that needs to be monitored.


We currently run several internal campaigns in our call center. With a dedicated in-house HR team, we provide solid applicants that can hit KPIs and targets. With every 10 seats rented, we provide a free supervisor to ensure a high level of quality control and organization.

Special Services

We understand that some projects cannot be done virtually due to secured data and NDAs.
We do offer onsite, data-protected facilities for custom projects.

For more information please book a call.

Services We Provide

Customer Service

appointment setting

Telesales and telemarketing

Virtual Assistant


Web Developers

For any special skill set please request a call.